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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day...I mean Week Project!

With the crazy weather in Georgia I have been stuck at home. I have decided to work on a calender for my grandma in Cali. Since, I have been in school I have not been able to send her updated pics of my son. I know I am terrible! However I am going to try and make it better with the calender.
While putting together the pics I came across this one. It is from last year, around Easter on a camping trip. Memphis loves to fish and it just so happened that he would get water in his boots and on his pants almost every time he did it. Hence, the pants hanging from the tent.
Yes I know it is not the smiley picture that you may think should go in a calender, but I just really love it none the less. So now I am sharing it with you and you can see what you think.

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