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Monday, November 22, 2010

What da Tumblr?

OK after I posted my last post I realized that many people may not even know what Tumblr is yet. After all I had no clue and am just finding out about this new and upcoming phenomenon. Basically, it is a blog that has similarities to Twitter and Facebook and a blog and website. Tumbler is basically building and fine tuning media that is out there and making it their own. On their site they have 30 reasons to use Tumbler . Here you can get a sneak peak into what they can do.

If you still need more info I found this article on Fast Company by Chris Tannen, that also talks about Tumblr a bit more.

I am not necessarily recommending anyone to use this, I am simply introducing you to it. Who knows you may use it and love it. Then you can thank me for introducing it to you. Just kidding! If you don't like it blame my instructor, Mr. Jones.

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