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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tumblr Your Muthar...

For my Mutimedia class with Mr. Jones we had to research some blogs on Tumblr.  I had not heard of the site before so I went to investigate further. I went to the directory and searched for photographers. I then noticed that there are tags that different members can post on a blog to say how much they may like it. I thought this was a neat feature. The blogs are also similar to some Wordpress sites in the simplicity that they show. I found some blogs I fancied. I don't necessarily love all the site, but there are certain features I found interesting.

1) The - Photographist - I like the header with the photo on the top, title included. It also seems easy to navigate.

2) Mr. IG Art & Photography- Simple, could be a bit easier to find contact info though.

3) Aviram/Lerner Photography- The feel of this blog is very simple and easy to navigate. They also had other ways to find them on Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo. Easy to find contact info. They also had videos on their blog with pictures.

4) From Me to You - Has a different design and vibe. Neat little designs for the links, archives and blog things on the right side. It still has a simple feel to it.

5) DK Photoblog - I love that this site is just black and white with a splash of gray. Click on the Archive link on the left and then you get a screen full of pictures and links to past posts all in one page. I really like the way this looks. Another thing I like is that the posts are tagged with key words. When you click on a key word then it pulls up all posts tagged with that word. I thought this was a nice feature.

Hopefully after looking at all of these sites I now have a direction to make a Tumblr blog/site if I want/have to...

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