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Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Pride Everyone!

Happy Pride Everyone! Yesterday I spent the day at Piedmont Park photographing different aspects of Pride Atlanta. A friend of mine, Liz, from the Court of Kings, aloud me to tag along on their float during the parade and also come back stage during their performance on the main stage. They had a great number with the Village People's YMCA. I also was able to see other of Atlanta's finest drag Queens and Kings up close and personal performances. It was great.

The parade





He is a newer addition and don't know his name...So sorry!


I have attended pride before and have always enjoyed being around everyone. Atlanta pride has an interesting vibe to it.  I don't know if I can exactly explain it and give it justice, but I will try. Almost everyone is welcoming, positive and non-judgmental. Everyone is just happy to be there and have a great time. I would say the only hostility that I have experienced is the religious fanatics that are hanging out along the streets.

This huge pride flag was laid out in the street just before the parade. 

A protester surrounded by people watching the parade.

I would recommend anyone to go to pride and check it out at least once. Who knows you may just enjoy it! It is an experience unlike any other.


  1. Awesome pics Starr...your photography continues to amaze me!

  2. thank you.... now can you send me copies?

  3. @Owen as soon as I go through the rest from the parade and all, I will.