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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Take 1, NO 2..NO 3. Finally got something...

OK. As you all know, well at least some of you do, that I have a Enviromental portrait do tomorrow in my Photojournalism class. I first took some awesome pictures of a surfer, Mark, in Cali and some how lost them all. Ugh! So I tried to re-shoot with a friend of my Brian, and a new friend, Aaron on Sunday. We had a great day and I got some really great portraits (per Ms. Finch) however they did not fit the environmental part of it so well. ( I will post these later)

Well this I found this out yesterday and my mind was racing for ideas to re-shoot. Finally, I decided to shoot my hubbie, Rob. This is how it went...I come in the house, set up my tripod, get my camera and basically tell him he is my model. Needless to say...he was THRILLED...not really, but he is such a great sport that he let me shoot away. This is what Ms. Finch picked.

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  1. This is a great shot! The lighting from the monitors works well.