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Monday, November 1, 2010

PJ portrait...maybe not! WHAT!

So do you guys like my portrait below...of course you may be wondering where it is. Well I am to actually! When I was in Cali I went to the beach early Saturday morning and found a willing surfer who was willing to let me take his photo. Mark, the surfer, was awesome. He posed without any grunts or frowns and was pretty much willing to let me take him anywhere on the beach.

So needless to say, I thought it went great...Until today that is...Today I was going to do a post on my awesome pics of the surfer, Mark. I went to look for them under the folder titled surfer_mike. Then I realized the horror. They were not there!!! I had some of the other pics from the beach that day, but not of any with him. AHHHHHH!!! Yeah I am a little stressed right now. Rob, my hubbie, is trying to see if he can pull any off my Compact Flash card. At the moment it is not looking good. So I am trying to keep myself busy instead of bursting in to tears! If we can't pull any pics off then I will need to try and find another model for my Photojournalism portrait. Anybody know someone who wants to get there picture taken????


  1. Sorry to hear that....I hope you're able to recover them.

  2. Robs are awesome. They love to rescue their girls. :)

  3. I hnope your file make a miraculous recovery soon.

    Love your header pic & font. What is so intriguing about that image, the simple everyday look of the lighting?