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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Friend is Getting Married. Air Trip!

I just found out that my friend, Jen, will be getting married in TWO WEEKS. The reason for the rush is that her husband to be is currently is in the military. He is to be shipped off after a few month to Europe and my friend wants to try and go with him. Hence, the reason they are getting married so soon.

 So, since she is my friend, that I have know for almost 20 years, I figured I should try and be there for her big moment. Which I will be! Other than wanting to be there for moral support, I have also offered my services for her wedding. Which she has graciously accepted. So hopefully in a couple weeks I will have a few images I can sneak on my here of the great couple. But until then I will just be preparing to head to sunny California. Can't wait!

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